Hope Lake Lodge - Northwoods Style Four Diamond Hotel

At Hope Lake Lodge, you and your guests will enjoy the ambiance of a Northwoods Style Lodge and the convenience of our on site amenities including:

  • Concierge
  • Valet Service
  • Waterfall Spa
  • Restaurant
  • Bobcat Lounge
  • Fitness Center
  • Child Care
  • Indoor Waterpark
  • Shuttle Service to all parts of the resort

Hope Lake Lodge Room Designs can accommodate between 4 and 10 occupants. The full condominium style units are equipped with kitchens.

Other Lodging Available Through the Hotel:

  • Arcadia Village;
  • Single Family Homes
  • Townhomes
  • Condominiums


At Waterfalls Spa your group will enjoy the variety of treatments and natural products offered in our world class spa designed by Aspen Spa Management.

In preparation for your big day or to relax after a full day of meetings, you will enjoy a visit to Waterfall Spa.

For weddings and groups, we will set up an appointment for a private consultation with the spa manager to determine how we can customize our services to best meet your needs.

Adirondack Room1519 31.3' X 49'408014014012013055
Charles Baker Room837 31.3' X 27.15'29407575704431
Acropolis4500 75’ x 60’160250*350400400375175
Leonidas Room 1176 24' X 49'4240110110707042
Orion's Belt2107 43' X 49'9280140N/A20015060
Orion's1543 N/A9515026026010085104
Katalima Exhibit Space2889 N/AN/A100N/AN/A200150N/A
Taverna2496 78' X 32'8312522522522517592
Corinthian Room960 31' X 31'355085**85605336

* with dance/buffet     ** with no tables     *** no dance/buffet/bar

Download Facilities Guide.