Greek Peak Mountain Resort’s 2021 Spirit Week for Guests & Staff

February 13 - 21, 2021

Greek Peak Mountain Resort's 2021 spirit week for guests and staff. This starts Saturday 2/13/21 and goes until Sunday 2/21/21. There is a new theme for you to dress like every day, during the week this event takes place. The first day, Saturday 2/13/21, is dress like a pirate day. 2/14/21 is dress in red, white and pink day. 2/15/21 is dress in American themed clothes. 2/16/21 is dress in tie dye. 2/17/21 is wacky wednesday. 2/18/21 is throwback Thursday. so dress in old clothes. 2/19/21 is dress like you're in the armed forces (camo is an idea). 2/20/21 is a Saturday, please wear a hat. Finally, Sunday, 2/21/21 is dress in your favorite sports teams apparel.

Greek Peak Mountain Resort is having its annual "spirit week" for our guests and staff. This will start Saturday, 2/13/21, and ends the following Sunday, 2/21/21. New themes every day! Check the flyer (to the left) for the different themes each day.