Greek Peak’s Go Pass

The Go Pass is a RFID card that provides guests access to the chairlifts.  A gate replaces the ticket checker’s responsibility of ensuring access to the chairlift which frees up the ticket checker to focus on the guest experience.

The Go Pass

  • looks and feels like a credit card
  • replaces the traditional season pass and lift ticket
  • can stay in your jacket pocket!
Hand holding GoPass and Credit Cards fanned out

This technology reduces the friction in the guest experience allowing for guests to Go to the top of the mountain to start their day on the slopes even faster.

RFID Facts / History

  • RFID stands for Radio Frequency Identification and is technology that was first patented in 1973
  • RFID technology consists of tags and readers that talk to each other allowing for various use cases to be realized
  • RFID technology has become popular in stadiums, waterparks, theme parks, hotels and other tourist attractions due to its convenience
  • All pass/ticket information is stored on the memory inside the card. (time/day/ticket type)
  • Gates are built using modules allowing for specific modules to be replaced which keeps maintenance cost low
  • Examples of everyday RFID technology
    • State transportation E-Z pass tolls
    • Mobile payments such as Apple or Google Pay
    • Timing devices in sporting events such as your runners tag when running in a race

Benefits of the RFID Go Pass

  • A safer way to ski & board
    • Ensuring everyone is scanned narrows the search area of a missing person immensely
    • Contactless interaction allowing you to keep a safe distance from ticket checkers
    • Contact tracing & capacity management which provides the highest probability for our facility to stay open in these uncertain times
    • Guest convenience
      • Ease of purchasing and reloading providing guests a 24×7 ticket window and eliminates lines
      • Pocket and Go! – No more pulling your pass / ticket out for the ticket checker
      • Direct to lift access for everyone
      • Ability to load your card online with money
      • Pickup box allowing guests the ability to buy online and pickup at a pickup box.  Just like Fandango for movie theaters!
    • Reduces fraud which keeps prices as low as possible
    • Ability to shift our talent to focus on the guest experience, not transactions