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(5/5 Stars)

Greek Peak Mountain Resort was founded in 1958 and has remained at the leading edge of the ski industry with fifty-six trails, six chair lifts, two surface lifts, beginners’ slope, and terrain parks as well as restaurants, an adventure center, and a relaxing spa. We are committed to consistently providing enjoyable recreation, a safe environment, and memorable vacation experiences for every guest and every member of the staff.

Employees go above & beyond!

(5/5 Stars)

I wanted to drop you a quick note in regards to a recent group event we planned with The Greek Peak Challenge Team. For many of our other bachelorette parties, we end up doing the “resort” part of facilities similar to Greek Peak, however, when I saw that the resort had a ropes course, I knew that was the “different” we were looking for. My concern immediately was in the fact that we had a diverse group of women, ages ranging from 20-65 years old. Megan-Mack was the first contact I had with your company and from the beginning, she was extremely upbeat, positive and sold me on the package immediately.

When I spoke to Megan-Mack the week before, again, she used her “sales” magic to give me the confidence of knowing this is going to be a once in a lifetime opportunity for a group of like-minded women. The moment we stepped on your muddy campus, we had the absolute time of our life largely due to Megan-Mack and her team!

Megan-Mack and the crew adapted to the many personalities and abilities of our group and encouraged our team to challenge ourselves, work together while being safe. Every single gal that left your facility had absolutely NO regrets and said it was the best start to a bachelorette party they have ever experienced and had the time of their life! That is due large part to the attitudes and leadership of your team!

One final thought – once we completed the second stage of the ropes course, we were out of time (a fault of our own) and my sister (the bride) and I really wanted to attempt the highest level of the ropes. Without blinking an eye, Steve, Katie, Ashley, and Megan-Mack not only stayed past close to allow us to continue but happily stood in the freezing cold rain with the rest of our group to encourage us to do it! I’m a small business owner and it’s not often anymore you see “employees” go out of their way for the “customer.” They represented Greek Peak Resort in the utmost fashion and you now have a group of advocates spreading the word about your facility!

Passionate employees

(5/5 Stars)

Megan-Mack led a group from our law firm, partners who are Department Chairpersons and the firm’s Management, through Team Building exercises at Greek Peak Resort. It was an extremely favorable experience for all of us. In part, this was a result of the activities in the program. Far more credit is due Megan-Mack for how she engaged us all throughout and how she expressed her own interest in our success in the program. I can’t place enough emphasis on the latter, and how Megan-Mack’s influence contributed toward this program making a significant impact on us. I can easily envision how someone else could lead a group with less enthusiasm; perhaps go through the motions so to speak. She fully captures the group such that each member is fully invested in achieving the group’s objectives. Megan-Mack ensures that everyone is involved and becomes committed to the goal of the activity. She interjects throughout to add further value to her role and to our experience. I was impressed when I noticed her somewhat cheer for us, both verbally and in her body language, to accomplish our goals while requiring us to figure out how to get there. Greek Peak’s Team Building program is great for an organization of any size, however, to gain as much from this program as we did, I highly recommend Megan-Mack. I am envious of her passion for what she does and this will be readily apparent to you.

Excellent staff & food

(5/5 Stars)

Our Logistics team cannot thank you enough for your continued assistance in hosting our employees during the Binghamton flood recovery project. Your staff remained gracious at all times with our constant communications in the tracking of employee movement.

The breakfast and dinner servings offered are monumental for us in that we can ensure everyone has the opportunity for nourishment at unusual hours. Your diligence with this is monumental to our team in eliminating much-added stress and we are most grateful for that. This recovery project brought us over 600 mutual aid employees and contractors in addition to our local staff. Needless to say, it has been a challenge. In addition to meals and housing for in house and field personnel, the need to implement a laundry system for employees with extended stays became evident early on.