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Patrolling has its challenges, but it also has its rewards, too.

Looking to expand your ski or boarding skills?  Join us for a lifetime of on-snow skills, and strengthen your emergency medical / first-aid knowledge.

We’re here for you, with the guidance of the National Ski Patrol (NSP.org). You’ll receive world-class training right here at Greek Peak.

Fill out your application today!


What it takes to be a Ski Patroller,

Bring your completed application and meet us at the ski patrol building. Be prepared to complete an on-snow interview.

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Dear Fellow Skier or Boarder:

I would like to thank you for expressing an interest in becoming a Patrol Candidate. The Greek Peak Ski Patrol is one of the top Patrols in the Eastern Division dating back to 1959 when it was established here at Greek Peak.

If you’re interested, please download the Ski Patrol Application, fill it out; either mail it or drop it off at the Patrol building during operating hours. When we contact you, an on-snow interview will be scheduled.

If you are selected for our Patrol Candidate program the following expectations will need to be met and maintained at all times:

  1. Pay NSP annual dues of $102.00 (2016 cost, subject to change).
  2. Successful completion of NSP Outdoor Emergency Care (OEC) program, which consists of approximately 120 hours of classroom time followed by a practical exam and written exam; then followed by the on-snow Sled & Toboggan (S&T) training and exam.
    Required training materials and fees:
    OEC book:   $49.50
    OEC workbook:    $30.50
    Patroller’s Manual: (available online) fee not set for printed copy
    OEC Registration Fee:  $30.00
    Total: $110.00 (subject to change)The OEC program is held at the Greek Peak Patrol Building (Virgil, NY) one weekend afternoon or night (3 hours) a week, beginning in May (off July and August) and finishing in November prior to the start of the ski season.  Additional schedule options for the OEC classroom training may be used to suit class size, instructor availability, etc.
  3. Complete a Practical First Aid training program ending with an “on-hill” test in mid-February. The training will consist of a half-day on every weekend the area is open using patrol equipment.
  4. Complete a ski and toboggan training program ending with a test in mid-February. Training for this will be held the first half of the day, learning trail lift opening and then training. Second half of the day will cover first aid training. The day will end back on skis learning trail sweeps and closing at 5:00pm.
  5. You must attend every session and must be on time unless you have a valid excuse. We cover a lot of material, some repetitive, some not. This is a very big commitment which we are asking you and your family to make; not only your time and your family’s time, but substantial monetary commitment as well. Your trainers will also be giving you their time commitment as well as their regular patrol duties for the season. Your trainers, as have hundreds of Greek Peak Patrollers before you, have been down this “candidate year road”. It is not easy, but at the end of the year, which surprisingly enough does pass quickly, you will be well trained and part of a group who come back year after year because it is a rewarding experience and not just a job.
  6. You must attend an 8-hour OEC refresher course every year at Greek Peak (In the fall). After your candidate year, you may attend another area’s refresher if our date is inconvenient for you.
  7. You must have a valid CPR/AED card every year. We will provide the initial training session at Greek Peak in the fall. After your candidate year, your refresher training will be provided during our OEC refresher in the fall.
  8. You must attend a 4-hour Hill Refresher at the Patrol Building in the fall. This will cover old and new materials and information, a talk from Greek Peak management, and a lift evacuation.
  9. You will be required to purchase a First-Aid Pack at a cost of approximately $30.00. We will furnish your supplies for the pack at no cost to you.
  10. Upon successful completion of all training, you will be required to purchase a Patrol Parka (basic shell – $140.00). You must also have BLACK ski pants. Vests ($40.00) and Liners ($60.00) are optional. You are also required to keep your uniform clean at all times. We expect you to stay well groomed and keep your equipment up to date. As a patroller you will also be eligible for “pro rates” on equipment (approximately 40% less than retail).
  11. We encourage and expect people to attend workdays to maintain and clean the patrol building as well as on the hill. This is usually 2-3 extra days beyond your schedule.
  12. We encourage and expect people to continue training to become Senior Patrollers and OEC Instructors after their candidate year (CPR/AED, First-aid, and S&T instructors).


Frequently Asked Questions and Additional Information

Will I be guaranteed a spot on the Greek Peak Ski Patrol?

Yes; if you pass the OEC practical exam, OEC written exam and the S&T exam.

Does anyone ever fail the exams?

Yes, occasionally, someone doesn’t make it. Your trainers will give you constant feedback and let you know if you need extra help. It’s up to you to study and train hard.

As I mentioned before, it is a big commitment, but the job of being a Ski Patroller is a big responsibility as ultimately you could be in the position to save someone’s life.  At times it is almost like a “job,” but by and large it’s fun and an excellent way to give something worthwhile back to the sport of skiing.

Will I be able to ski at any area for free?

Most of the time NO, unless you are a full-time paid patroller, then you will most likely only get a discount on your lift ticket.

We are for the most part volunteers and not paid. You will be a volunteer.

You will be required to work approximately 24 scheduled 4-hour sessions per season. This will be divided between 70% nights and 30% days. This will include 2-3 patrol room duties on the weekends.

Your time with NSP and Greek Peak starts when you register as a candidate. At Greek Peak you will have to wait until there is a slot open for you before you start receiving ski privileges for you and your family. We are allowed 60 patrollers; as openings occur your name will be placed in a drawing with the other candidates; patrol positions will be filled randomly from this drawing. If you are selected for the patrol, your patrol time will count from your registration date. You will receive free ski privileges as soon as an opening occurs and your name is selected for the patrol. Your dependent family members will receive free ski privileges 3 years after your registration date, if you are selected to be on the patrol. Prior to 3 years, ski privileges are available to you at a discounted rate for dependent family members. Traditionally, our attrition rate is a few patrollers per year. Until you are a full member you will have use of the Patrol Building and a locker for yourself. Your family is also welcome at the Patrol Building and at all social functions. You will be a voting member on all Patrol issues. You are welcome to sign on as an extra patroller on non-duty days at anytime, the Pro or APL in charge must be asked first, but most often your help will be welcomed.

Thank you for your time and consideration.


Patrol Leader


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