OEC Refresher – 2020


A change of pace this year…

…time to brush off your OEC skills and participate in the NSP OEC Refresher!

This year we will be having a virtual only refresher.

You MUST complete your work-book and the online-test.  You MUST e-mail a copy of your completed certificate to Rick Malek.

Check out this page… “OEC Hybrid” on how to complete the online portion of the Hybrid.


Patroller resources:

2020 -> OEC Refresher Workbook Cycle A

NSP course numbers:

OEC RefresherE109200021 
(you MUST register with NSP.org between 1 Sept and 1 Nov 2020)

Instructions on how to register with NSP:

  • sign-in to NSP.org
    • click on, “Member sign in” button, a new window opens,
    • Username: typically your ‘6-digit’ NSP number
    • Password:  …..
  • select Course Schedule (at the top), new screen
  • look for “Course Number equals,” copy and paste: E109200021, and click on the ‘Find’ button
  • scroll down, and you’ll see the course listed, click on the course title “OEC Refresher…
  • new window opens, click on “Register Myself” button
  • click on the “Proceed to Checkout” button, at the bottom right hand corner
  • new window opens, SCROLL! to the bottom and click on the “Submit Order” button

New window will open and you will see the Order Confirmation screen, you have successfully registered!!!

Double-check your inbox, because you will also receive an automated e-mail confirmation from, “donotreply.


Visiting Patrollers:

NO visitors.

Date / Time:

1 October to 1 November 2020


Your HOME.  Certificates are due no later than 1 December 2020.

IOR, Instructors of Record,

Susanna Stumpe

& Rick Malek

Be safe & stay healthy!!