How to take the on-line modules.

…and register for the skills session.


PLEASE take the time to read through this page prior to logging into the NSP website.

This Hybrid format will allow for more hands-on practical at the refresher while reducing lecture time. You do not need an NSP course number to complete this online portion. Allow yourself 4 to 6 hours to complete.  You can take a break at any time and then restart from where you left off.

NOTE:  After logging into, make sure your contact information is correct, because you will receive an e-mail upon successful completion of this course (no more certificates).  You will need to complete this online portion, prior to registering for the in-person skills session (refresher).

ACCOUNT LOCK-OUTS:  for questions about account lockouts, password re-sets or general information, please contact NSP Member Services at or call 303.988.1111 extension 2627 (Mountain Time, Mon-Fri 8 am to 4:30 pm).

NSP has upgraded to a new online system, “Center for Learning.”

Center for Learning - image

Here’s the new process…

Log into, and you’ll see the Center for Learning button on the main page.

  • Click on the Center for Learning button (new page will open),
  • Click on the yellow Browse Catalog button (new page will open),
  • Type in the current year in the yellow search bar at the top,
  • Your page will now show the current year and cycle modules listed.

OEC Refresher - cycle - online modules

  • Click on the ENROLL button, and scroll to the bottom of the new page and click on Submit.
  • If you do not click on Submit, you will not be enrolled in the course!
  • You might need to refresh your browser, and you’ll now see a red Launch button to the left of the yellow Browse Catalog button.

You can now take the online course; you must complete ALL modules, including the survey at the end of the course to achieve 100% completion.  You will receive an automated e-mail from after completion.  (no more certificates)

warning… POP-UPs:  the Center for Learning site utilizes pop-up windows.  Most browsers by default block websites from opening pop-up windows.  You will have to disable this feature in your browser by making it allowable for ‘’ to pop-up.  Instructions will be provided at the beginning of the course on how to do this.

Once completed, close out of ALL your browser windows and then start the course.


You will now see a red Launch button on your Center for Learning home page.

  • Click on the Launch button, and start the online modules.
  • This online training is a refresher… not a pass/fail course.
    You will have two attempts to answer all the questions and proceed forward.
  • Most slides are interactive and must be completed prior to clicking onto the NEXT slide.


After completing the online portion, you can now register for the skills session (but no sooner).

Register for the skills session

Repeat the same steps from above to:
search, enroll, (submit) for the skills course (refresher).

NOTE:  there are no ‘course numbers’ anymore.

(There are no certificates, even though the system states, “Certificate awarded.”)