Join the Indy Pass Revolution

100+ Authentic Resorts | 144+ Days of Skiing and Riding | $279

*Greek Peak Mountain Resort is a partner resort on the Indy Pass and provides two free days to all Indy Pass holders. Plus, our unrestricted season passholders can purchase an Indy Pass for up to 30% off!*

The Indy Pass is the fastest-growing multi-mountain pass in the world and features world-class resorts in all regions of the US, Canada, and now the powder belt of Northern Japan. Our 70+ fiercely independent mountains are incredibly diverse but all have one thing in common – they offer smaller crowds, lower costs, and welcoming authentic vibes.

Experience the joy of skiing and riding at an independent ski resort and join the Indy Revolution today!

 Also, we have added a 20% discount of guest rooms at Hope Lake Lodge for Indy Pass Holders.  Black out dates may apply for holiday times.  Just call 1-800-955-2754 and let the Reservations Specialist know that you are an Indy Pass Holder.  Your Indy Pass will be confirmed.

2023-24 Indy Pricing

Adult Indy Pass $319
Adult AddOn $239
Kids Pass (12 and Under) $189
Kids AddOn $139

2023-24 Indy+ Pricing

Adult Indy + (No Blackouts) $419
Adult AddOn+ $339
Kids Indy+ (12 and Under) $229
Kids AddOn+ $189