Greek Peak Mountain Resort 2020-21 Family Season Pass Payment Plan

What is it?
Purchasing a Greek Peak Family Season Pass just got easier!
Our payment plan program allows you to make easy, automatic monthly payments when you purchase a 2020-21 Family Season Pass for three or more immediate family members.

What’s in it for you?
Lock in Early Bird Rates! Buy a 2020-21 Family Season Pass with our payment plan and spread your purchase out into easy monthly payments!

How does it work?
Payment Plans are valid for Family Season Pass purchases and Seasonal Locker rentals (optional add-on) only. Purchases made utilizing a payment plan must be paid in full by June 30, 2020.

To purchase online using a payment plan, simply select the Family Season Pass and any desired add-ons for each family member, enter guest information for each family member, choose the payment plan option and follow the step-by-step instructions.

At the time of purchase, the total amount due for Payment Plan eligible items is calculated and divided into monthly payments. You are required to make an initial payment at the time of purchase. The remaining payments are automatically billed on the 1st of the month for each of the remaining months to the credit card placed on file. The total amount due at time of purchase will include the first monthly payment, along with any non-eligible items, applicable taxes and fees, and will be charged immediately at the time of purchase.

 *Please note, if you purchase after the 15th of the month, your next installment payment will not be billed to your credit card until the 1st of the second following month. Example: For a Payment Plan purchased on April 17th, the first installment will bill on June 1st, not May 1st. 




Which passes can be purchased with a GP Payment Plan?
The payment plan may be used to purchase a Family Season Pass for three or more immediate family members. Seasonal locker rentals, when added on to a Family Season Pass package, are also eligible for payment plan.

Can I adjust my billing date?
No. Payment Plans are billed on the 1st of each month

Does it cost more to buy my family season pass on a payment plan?
Nope! There are no fees or surcharges associated with our Payment Plans!

Can I use the same pass card from last year?
Sorry, no. For security reasons, our Season Pass designs change frequently and must be reissued every season.

How much will my monthly payments be?
Your monthly payment amount will be determined by:

1) date of purchase (and)
2) amount of purchase.
All Payment Plans must be paid in full by June 30, 2020 in order to be valid for the 2020-2021 Season.

What happens when a monthly payment is declined?
Oops! If your payment is declined, you will receive an email notification that all Season Passes on the plan have been voided until payment is processed, along with information on how to successfully resubmit payment and reactivate your Season Passes. 

Please call Guest Services at (844) 846-9572 to update your billing information.

If I pay more at the time of purchase, will that make my monthly payments lower?? Absolutely! You must pay at least the minimum amount due, and can only do this at the time of initial purchase, but you may put down as much as you’d like…up to 50% of the total purchase amount!  All remaining payment amounts are pre-determined from the initial payment amount and cannot be changed.

Can my balance be paid off early? Heck yes! You may pay your Payment Plan balance “in full” at any time by calling Guest Services at (844) 846-9572.

If I purchase a 2020-21 Family Season Pass using a Payment Plan, will it automatically renew for 2021-22?
Unfortunately, no. Your Pass is valid only for the season purchased and will not automatically renew for the following season.

Can I upgrade my lift ticket to a Season Pass and pay with a Payment Plan?
No. Lift tickets and/or upgrade packages cannot be applied to payment plan purchases.

Can I change the credit card information for only one Pass on my Payment Plan?
All passes purchased in the sale are billed to the credit card used at the time of initial purchase. Any purchase that requires the use of a different credit card for payment must be made separately.

Can I update/change credit card information while I am still on a Payment Plan?
Yes. You may change the credit card information associated with the account by calling Guest Services at (844) 846-9572. Please remember to do this if the credit card expires or you are issued a new card during the payment period.

What happens if I cancel my Payment Plan before it is paid in full?
Any Payment Plan terminated prior to completion will be handled as follows:

If 50% or more of the total payment plan purchase price has been paid, we will issue as many passes as have been successfully paid for and refund the payment balance to you in the form of a Greek Peak Mountain Resort Gift Card.

Can I remove or transfer someone on my Payment Plan?
No. All passes purchased on a Payment Plan remain the responsibility of the person who initiated the purchase. Season Passes are non-transferable.

Can I upgrade to a Greekenburg or Other PLUS Pass after I’ve entered into a Payment Plan?
No. Once you set up your payment plan, passes within the plan cannot be upgraded.


Greek Peak Mountain Resort may deny or cancel any request for payment plans, for any reason, at any time, at their sole discretion.