Uphill Skiing/Skinning at Greek Peak

Greek Peak Mountain resort offers an uphill skiing policy which allows access to the mountain once our ski season begins on days and times designated by the mountain. Uphillers take complete and sole responsibility for their activity on the mountain and all risks associated with such voluntary activity and hold harmless Greek peak Mountain, Greek Peak Holdings LLC, its employees and owners from any loss or injury while on Greek Peak’s property.

All uphill activity requires the purchase of a pass. The “uphill pass” will cover Greek Peak for liability the same way lift tickets/season passes currently do.  For current Season Pass Holders there is no additional charge to participate in uphill skiing. A ticket may be purchased for $15 each visit for those who do not hold a season pass and must be purchased the day prior. Purchase a ticket at the ticketing window the day before desired uphill travel.


  • Please use the designated route only. It is your responsibility to wear a reflective vest, helmet, and headlamp (failure to have this gear will result in losing uphill privileges.
  •  Single file will be the only travel route.
  • Dress appropriately for changing weather conditions.
  • Be aware that snowmaking may be in progress at any time.
  • Be aware that snowmobiles & other machinery are routinely used on the mountain and maybe driving the same route.
  • Unmarked hazards may exist, especially during the early and late season.
  • Be aware of variable snow conditions.
  • Please stay away from snowmaking equipment, snowmobiles, grooming machines, etc.
  • Please stop to rest in an area where you are visible to others & potential machinery
  • Before ascending, travelers must check the conditions & trail report. Trails could be closed at any time.
  • Snowshoeing is NOT allowed on the mountain.
  • Dogs are not allowed & may pose risk to other skiers as well as yourself.
  • There may be times when the Uphill travel route will be closed to all travelers.

Designated Uphill Trails:

  • Base of Chair 5>Lower Arcadian Gate > Crisaean Way>Upper Mars Hill> Arrive top of 4
    • Non-Holiday Monday- Friday: 7a-10a
    • Weekends & Holidays: 7a-9a
  • Base of 3> Alpha> Castor> Arrive top of 2
    • 7a- half hour before the lifts starts spinning
  • Base of Visions> Lower Platonic >Platonic > Karyatis Way> Arrive top of Visions
    • 7a- half hour before the lifts starts spinning