Team Building


“Life begins at the edge of your comfort zone” – Neale Donald Walsch

Twin Creeks Challenge Course is located at the Adventure Center adjacent to the Greek Peak Ski Area and across the road from the five-star Hope Lake Lodge and Conference Center in Virgil, New York. Along with the Twin Creeks Challenge Course, the Adventure Center also features 4 Dual Line Ziplines, High Peaks Aerial Challenge Course with 22 elements and a 4,300 foot long Nor’easter Mountain Coaster making for a full day or weekend of team building activities.

What are Challenge Course Programs?

Participation in challenge course activities and team-building experiences enhance a groups’ ability to communicate, cooperate, and generate productive outcomes. Our highly skilled facilitators generate programs that use initiatives and activities featuring a combination of low challenge course elements, Games and Initiatives, and your group goals to cultivate perpetual personal and team growth. By forming a fun and safe environment, Twin Creeks Challenge Course programs test participants’ comfort zones in order to enhance every aspect of a team or an individual.

The collaboration between Twin Creeks and your organization can result in a nearly limitless variety of program combinations. From meeting energizers to 2 hour programs, small groups to large parties, the Twin Creeks Challenge Course staff is diligent in creating an exciting and lasting experience. We construct programs specifically to fit your team’s goals and desired outcomes.

If creating a stronger, more unified team is what you desire, contact us for a complimentary tour of our facility, to schedule a team-building demonstration at your location, or make a reservation!

Twin Creeks Team Challenge Course Description:

The Ultimate Team Builder! The Twin Creeks Challenge (Lower Ropes) Course requires a facilitator and is based on the “goal sheet’ provided by the group’s organizer. The Goal Sheet provides the facilitator with information to combine the games and initiatives and possibly elements below in the course:

  • Team wall
  • TP Shuffle
  • Zigzag
  • Nitro crossing
  • Whale watch
  • Initiatives
  • Wild woozy
  • Spider web

During the winter months, programs can be conducted in indoor meeting spaces. Make your reservation today!